Jumpstreet Band

  • is price-competitive and usually books for a standard four-hour time period. If your event requires a longer or shorter time period, we will be happy to provide you with an adjusted quote.
  • is neatly dressed at all times, even during setup, and wears attire appropriate for the occasion.
  • can provide full Master of Ceremony services and digital music interludes in between sets at no cost (or DJ-hosted services at minimal cost), keeping music continuous throughout your event, offers live band (2 to 6-plus pieces), MP3 or DJ-hosted cocktail music.
  • delivers pro-active entertainment with the ability to mix the music to best meet the mood of the audience and YOUR preferences.
  • calls you before your event to reconfirm details and to answer last-minute questions you may have.
  • will learn up to two special-request songs for your event.
  • brings to your event professional and talented musicians. Some band members attended Berklee and/or have played with national-recording artists such The Temptations, Chubby Checker, Tommy Dorsey and Artie Shaw Orchestras, and many others.

Musical Options

Cocktail Hour

Instrumental background music creates a very elegant ambience during cocktail hour. Solo jazz guitar or piano, and duo and trio combinations of guitar, piano, acoustic bass, or saxophone are very effective. Before the full band commences in the dining room, combining some of Jumpstreet’s musicians into a smaller ensemble allows you the flexibility to tailor the sound to your personal taste.


For wedding ceremony, reception or extended cocktail hour, you may be considering the elegance of classical music. We highly recommend our own classically trained pianist, Mark Retallack.