A Most Embarrassing Moment

A Most Embarrassing Moment

June 6, 2008 Music Legends 0

In the early ’80s when I was studying with Alan Dawson, the mayor of Boston held a dinner in Alan’s honor and dubbed the day, Alan Dawson Day. Alan was given the key to the city and a dinner was held at Anthony’s Pier Four. Present were many jazz and music industry dignitaries.

At the time I was listening intently to as many jazz records that I could get my hands on, especially “Now He Sings Now He Sobs” by Chick Corea featuring some amazing drumming by jazz drumming icon and Boston native, Roy Haynes.

Around the same time I was also giving much attention to a trio album by Oscar Peterson. I was very excited to be sitting next to Mr. Haynes at Alan’s dinner, especially after Alan had just introduced us.

Wanting to make conversation with the drumming legend, I turned and said with a huge smile, “I loved the stuff you did with Oscar Peterson.” Mr. Haynes turned to me with a scowl and said annoyingly, “That was Louis Hayes.” My red face turned to see Alan Dawson keeled over with his face in his hand’s laughing his head off.